Water treatment system

Ensure The Water Is Clean  More then 70% of our earth is covered by water. Unfortunately, only very little of this water can be used as drinking water, without a proper water treatment to clean and purify prior using. Water is an excellent solvent for all kind of substances. Water when in contact with minerals, will solve some of the minerals and carry them on. This ability as a solvent is technically used in a lot of processes, but this leads also to the known technical problems, which are scaling, corrosion or fouling. If water should be used technically it has to be treated in one or the other way, to make it suitable for this technical use. If water is part of the product or used in the production, it has to fulfill the demands given by the end-product.
As an example, when producing chemicals, where water is used as a base of the product, one has to ensure the water is clean, so no impurities are found later in the ready product. When producing pharmaceuticals this is very obvious, a solution used later as a drug for humans, should only hold the active substances and not be polluted by other ingredients. So it is very important that the authoritiese ensure a good water quality with low BOD level.

Water used for cooling or heating, also called the utilities, the demand to the purity of this water is not as high, but treatment is anyhow required, in order to minimize or avoid technical problems in a cooling water system or a heating loop.

These kind of applications in the utilities, is one of the major applications for our Pursanova TMDisk. Filtering or to remove mechanically impurities in the water will be required anyhow. But the chemical treatment of the water, which is today most widely used, can be either improved a lot by Pursanova TM, or what happens more and more the chemical treatment can be entirely replaced by the use of the Pursanova TMDisk. In technical demanding systems, where either the source of water is not so fortunate or the process itself tends to cause a lot of problems, our customers are telling the chemicals they are using are not fulfilling the demands. Often these chemicals are at best lessening the problems.

We do more and more projects, where it can be seen, even when not using chemicals, Pursanova TM is able to deliver better results. More stable production, less requirement for cleaning or maintenance. Also doing cost analysis tells a clear language. When using Pursanova TMDisk instead of chemicals, not only the cost of the chemicals not used anymore are saved, but also due to lesser corrosion, less demand of cleaning, less unplanned shutdown, less wear on the pipes and machines. All this leads to very good ROI, usually we see, if possible to calculate all the relevant parameter, a ROI of less then 6 month.

But not only the water treatment for the utilities is Pursanova TM business. Treating drinking water, treating seawater on- and off-shore, treating waste water, treating biofouling, algae or marinegrowth, are also daily business ofPursanova TM. To all these applications there are case studies available, where it is descirbed in detail, how the installation was done, how the monitoring and documentation was performed, and in a lot of cases there are also some information about ROI and other cost related issues.