Water treatment in commercial applications

To the commercial applications, we count all kind of bigger buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, offices, shopping malls, workshops, etc. The problems are more or less the same as in the residential applications, just on a bigger scale.
Micro-Organism In The Water  Of course, you will find a lot more technical applications also. Number one is HVAC systems including the cooling towers used, which are in most modern office buildings or hotels and hospitals installed. But also steam production, spas with swimming pools are very common. Next, to scale and corrosion, the microbiological aspects are getting more and more attention. As there are strict laws about the microbiological water quality, biofouling or micro-organism in the water are in the focus of the operator or owner of such buildings. Such installations are mostly rather complicated and several Pursanova TM Rings have to be used to solve the problems.
Pursanova TM has equipped hospitals with more than 1000 beds, apartment buildings with 30 floors, shopping malls with hundreds of shops and very large office buildings.

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