Water treatment applications in general

Basic Problems Occurs In a Water System  We try to give an overview of the capabilities of the Pursanova TM fighting a different kind of basic problems which might occur in a water system. Different kind of water is treated by Pursanova TM, such as well water, surface water, drinking water, industrial water used for the utilities, seawater, or even produced water from hydrocarbon wells. To some extend Pursanova TM is even capable of treating waste water. There are microbiological problems such as algae or biofouling and corrosion, scaling or fouling problems caused by chemical or physical reasons.
All these topics to the left are combinable in any order and each is described in detail on a separate page.
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We might find in good water causing a corrosion problem in a machine, or algae growth in seawater which might cause downstream in a heat exchanger biofouling, which again might be responsible for microbiological corrosion. One Pursanova TM Disk can treat all the different problems, it is not necessary to install for each problem a different ring.

We at Pursanova TM understand ourselves as a solution provider, not so much looking at the kind of water or its kind of chemical composition, but at the reasons what causes the problems.

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