Water treatment applications by Pursanova DiskTM

Since 1996 when starting Pursanova DiskTM have solved innumerable problems in water-bearing installations and systems. Since establishing Pursanova TM company in 2007, Pursanova TM has also been implicated in the treatment of problems specific to hydrocarbons.

The oscillation patterns (software), we have developed alter the physical properties of the substances contained in the water. The chemical composition of the water/liquid remains unchanged. Negative technical effects caused by water are diminished significantly or eliminated by Pursanova TM.

Pursanova TM modifies water to the effect that the solubility of all soluble ingredients in the water is increased so lime and other salts do not crystallize like they would normally; oxygen does not react with iron to rust. Pursanova TM induces an aquatic environment where these elements remain dissolved in the water and are flushed out of the system with the water.

Below is a list of the most common and basic problems in water bearing systems. Historically, we are confronted with these fundamental and industrial problems worldwide in a very similar manner. The applications of Pursanova TM that follow are reproduced and sustained by Pursanova TM Rings. In several thousand companies that have successfully integrated Pursanova TM solutions, the results are measured or recorded periodically. In many cases, the installations are operating free of any malfunctions already for years. In heat exchangers, cooling towers or cooling systems, the Pursanova DisksTM solve scaling or corrosion always in the same manner.

Pursanova TM solutions and applications:

  • Corrosion: covers different kind of corrosion solved by Pursanova TM.
  • Limescale: covers next to Calcium also other salts solved in water.
  • Biology: covers all the organic problems from Algae, Bacteria, Biofilm or Marine Growth.
  • Hydro Carbon: is the latest and fastest growing part of the Pursanova TM group.
  • Machine Specific Application: several machines-specific problems are described in detail.

Other applications, involving process-related forms of corrosion or scaling (i. e. due to acids) are not covered here. Please contact us or send an Email to with specific questions if you wish.