Trial at Hydro Power plant

In Germany there are a lot of old Hydro Power Plants. Some of them are over 100 years old. They are still in use, even if the efficiency of such power plants don't meet the standards today.
The actual case a hydro power plant located along a small river. The power plant is run more out of historical reason, than the produce a lot of electricity. But still the old design is in operation.
The river comes down direct from a mountain side , called the "Schwäbische Alb" and the water contains very high amount of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). This is due to the stone formation in these mountain range, where there are found as well a lot of caves, where water has washed out the lime scale.
The problem faced in this power plant, is the lime scale build up almost everywhere the water flows. The channel where the water is let to the water wheel is full of scale deposits, but especially the water wheel itself, is after a few weeks blocked by scale and the efficiency of the power plant drops accordingly.
Today the power plant, or better the water wheel has to be cleaned manually. It cant be removed from its position, so 2 people have to go in the channel and do hard manual labor for 2 days.
Pursanova DiskTM cant be installed below water, because the ring will start to corrode, which leads to a malfunction of the ring after some time. In a scenario such as a hydro power plant, or other applications where water is led through a channel, instead of a pipe, it was impossible to install Pursanova DiskTM.
Pursanova TM now has developed lately a special device to bring the Pursanova TM direct in the stream of water. We therefore have developed special tools, looking a little like a torpedo, which can be submersed in the water.
This "torpedo" can be opened and inside 1 to 5 pieces of Pursanova TM can be equipped. Due to the design of the device, the water is forced through, and will get the treated by the Rings which are installed inside.
As can be seen two such "torpedos" are installed at a bridge over this channel, which was empty when the picture was taken.
4 weeks after the installation it will be first time checked, if there is an improvement, with the scale. Either if it will be dissolved in the water, or if it gets soft at least.
For Pursanova TM this trail will give valuable data, very we can verify if the way of treating open water is as efficient as when Pursanova TM is installed around a pipe. As well how much Pursanova DiskTM will be needed in order to treat the whole amount of water.