The Oberoi Hotel Lombok

Control Over The Entire Water System  The Oberoi Hotel Lombok is located on a smaller island nearby Bali in southern Indonesia. This Oberoi Hotel is considered as one of the most luxurious and best hotels in the world. Guests from Europe or the US, think they have reached paradise when coming there. In such places, it is even more important to have the highest standards if it comes to the quality of water. Unfortunately, the water supplied to the Hotel complex is not of the best quality, using bore well water is no option either, so the engineers had to constantly fight corrosion and
microbiological problems in the water storage tank, and as well the pipe network feeding the different bungalows and buildings at the resort. Having such an unstable situation with the water, management recommended their guests not to use tap water as drinking water, not even using for brushing teeth.
Pursanova DiskTM have been installed at several different locations and pipes in order to get control over the entire water system. Regular monitoring of the water was even taking place even before Pursanova DiskTM were installed. After the installation of Pursanova DiskTM water was controlled even more frequently and engineers from Pursanova TM regularly took samples to measure the iron content and the micro-organism in the water.
Both values started to diminish a short time after the installation. The color and the turbidity in the water got back to normal. The micro-organism in the water went down and stabilized below the required values of 100 CFU/ml. Seeing this results, adding of water treatment chemicals was stopped. The water quality continued to be monitored and checked closely, because the management like to see how stable the results of Pursanova TM were, and specifically if the bacteria remained constant below the required limits. Now, more than a year after the installation, the values are still stable. The management is now considering, allowing their guests to use tap water again for brushing teeth. Using tap water instead of expensive bottled water which has to be brought from far away as well stopping the chemical additives to the water, is not only reducing costs but is extremely beneficial to the environment as well. Please see as well the certificate issued by the customer.