Technical problems caused by water in Fitness Clubs

Company: FitnessFirst, in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg
  Fitness clubs got lately part of the daily lives of a lot of people. In all these facilities water is needed, for the showers, the steam bath or sauna and in the pool. Next, to the problem of the scaling of the machines and pipes, the microbiological quality of the water is a big issue in such clubs.
Pursanova TM has done trails in some of the clubs of FitnessFirst, first in England, later also in Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. After seeing the results in the calorifier or the steam generator, the management of these clubs decided to equip all the clubs in their country with Pursanova TM.
Today more than 250 FitnessFirst Clubs are equipped with Pursanova DiskTM.
Especially the steam generator was a big problem for the maintenance people of the clubs.As there is water evaporated all the time a lot of limescale was forming in these generators. The worst machines, have to be manually cleaned twice a week, and of course, during the cleaning of the generator customers couldn't use the steam bath. We found two types of this steam generators, the older models which don't have an automatic blow down, and the newer ones which blow down regularly. In the case of the older models, it was found less scale in a soft consistence, so it is now very easy to remove the loose scale.
In the models with the automatic blow down, there is almost no scale found any more. The scale which is formed during operation, is just flushed out together with the blow down water. Here the service demands are reduced drastically, and in accordance the cost for the cleaning. Another very important advantage, are the savings on the energy used for producing the steam.
  Same is true for the calorifiers. Hugh amounts of water is needed most in the showers. All this water has to be heated, in most cases by electrical calorifiers. The scale on the coils reduces the efficiency of the heat transfer and result in higher energy demand for heating the water. Today most of these more than 250 Clubs have stopped treating the water chemically and relay fully on the Pursanova DiskTM. In the upper picture a lot of scales is swimming in the water, the coils have a layer of scale. A few weeks later the second picture was taken. There is far less scale in the water, the heating coils have only very little scale left, which is very soft.