Swimming pools

Untreated Hard Water  Swimming pools or swimming baths might encounter several problems, dependent on water quality. In the case of untreated very hard water, large quantities of scale are deposited on the wall of the pool. Even in the case of smaller quantities of scale, scale encrustations build up along the evaporation edge, and these encrustations can be removed only with great difficulty. Under normal conditions Pursanova TM removes this scale and solid scale encrustations generally no longer occur. Rather, the scale can generally be simply wiped off. Pursanova TM also changes the water in a way that frequently, far less algae or even no algae build up in the water. This allows the use of chemicals to be appreciably reduced.
in Cases customer save 50% of the chlorine used before.
The illustration to the right shows the same swimming pool before and after treatment of the water with Pursanova TM. After treatment, it was possible to effortlessly wipe off the scale in the illustration at the right and less new deposits occurred.  Untreated Hard Water