Small Steam Generators

Evaporating Water  Small steam generators with a capacity of around 5-20 kg of steam are used for various applications. One major application is to use the produced steam to humidify air, when a certain humidity is required, e.g. in the paper or the tobacco industry and of course these small generators are used to produce steam for steam bathes or saunas.
In a lot of cases this steam generator is the only machine which require treated water in the whole establishment. Investing in an ion exchanger or another chemical water treatment is often not economical and it is only done when the water supplied is very bad.
This generators are just cooking the water and the produced steam is transported where it is needed. Fresh water is automatically fed, if the internal levels reaches a certain limit. Of course when constant evaporating water the minerals inside the water cant evaporate as well, and they remain in the generator. The concentration of lime or u>TDS is increasing constant and forms thick layers of scale. So the normal procedure is to open the generator and clean manually using a lot of chemicals. Pursanova TM has equipped a lot of such machines, see as well the case study about fitness clubs.
If there is a blow down or a bleed line in the generator, where automatically the high concentrated water is replaced by fresh water, very little scale will form, when used Pursanova TM.

Or the scale is soft and can be easily removed, when servicing. No need of aggressive chemicals in order to do so. In the companies, where are row of such machines are used with a Pursanova DiskTM treating the feed water, a clear trend could be seen. The overall requirement for servicing the steam generators got less by almost 50%.

See also a certificate from Sofitel in Marseille. (French)