Shower cubicles / valves and fittings

The Water Flows Away More Quickly  Many shower cubicles today are made of glass and scaling makes a great mess of them. Pursanova TM can help here to reduce the problem. What happens? When you are showering, warm or hot water strikes the body and from there, splashes against the shower cubicle walls. These droplets evaporate very quickly and scale is left behind. In many homes, this scale is wiped off directly after showering so that only minor stains occur.
Using Pursanova TM, far less deposits occur right from the very start. The water flows away more quickly owing to the lower surface tension. So less droplets are forming on the shower wall, so less left over of scale is left behind. In addition, it helps to rinse off the shower cubicle walls with cold water briefly after showering. Doing like this the hot droplets are replaced by cold droplets, which evaporate less. Less evaporation means less scale can happen at the weally. Some stains may form nevertheless. These stains can generally be removed easily with a sponge or cloth if you do this twice per week.