Seawater Treatment

Scaling Due To The Salt In The Seawater  Seawater contains a whole range of substances which render industrial or technical use of the water difficult. Thus, besides containing salt, seawater also contains substantial quantities of calcium carbonate, algae and many microorganisms which lead to problems when used in technical or industrial applications.
Seawater is used for cooling both onshore and offshore and for producing drinking water or technical water in desalination plants, reverse osmosis systems or evaporators. Next to forming scale, Seawater is very aggressive owing to the salt content so that special steels in particular are used to avoid or slow down the process of corrosion.
Still corrosion is one of the biggest problems by using seawater for technical issues. Most of the machines and pipes are made out of normal steel, which start heavy corroding after a short time.

Pursanova TM has shown in a lot of applications, how successful it can treat these problems. Scaling due to the salt in the seawater is not taking place at all, heat exchanger are just staying clean. The use of chemical additives are either totally stopped or reduced dramatic.

Lately Pursanova TM has earned a contract from one of the biggest oil company to equip more then 20 offshore platforms. Here Pursanova TM takes care about the entire water system on the drilling rig or oil platform, including the cooling of the heat exchangers, chillers, drinking water production, etc. See as well the case study of such a offshore platform. Next to the scaling, the corrosion rates are brought down dramatic, in some cases from almost 10 MPY per year to around 1 MPY. Such corrosion rates have a drastic influence on the live time of the equipment. A corrosion rate of 10 mm per year is "eating up" a pipe in only a few years. Pursanova TM bringing down this rate 5 or 10 times, extend the life time of such equipment in accordance.

Also more than 200 vessels are equipped with Pursanova DiskTM ahead of the evaporators, which produce drinking water.