Scaling in Washing machines

Maintains The Calcium Carbonate In The Water  In areas with very hard water, which is used untreated in the washing machine, there are often found scale deposits at the inner surfaces of these, if appropriate measures are not taken. Detergents to avoid this scaling are added to most washing machines. Pursanova TM maintains the calcium carbonate in the water under normal conditions that generally, far less scale or no scale at all is precipitated and deposited in these machines. This results in savings in detergent of up to 50 % on washing machines and it is frequently possible to do without descaling additives entirely. even the cloth washed in the machine are often in accordance to our customer reports softer, as less calcium will be left in the fabric of the clothes.
Further scaling which happens at the seals shafts and valves, is getting less, which increase the life time of the machine and reduces the need of servicing.

See as well a case in a Hotel laundry.