Scale in washing machine and dish washer due to hard water

Company: Divani Hotel Group, Greece
  The Divani Hotel Group has both, business hotels in the cities, and hotels for tourism at the various coastlines of Greece.
In this actual case, there is their hotel own laundry and also the dishwashers which caused problems.
In the washing machines limescale gathered in the washing drum. Our customer was forced to clean them chemically and mechanically twice a month.
Further Limescale was detected also at the inner walls of the various dishwashers in the hotel restaurants. The maintenance man carried out a chemical cleaning every month.
Two PursanovaTM Disk were installed around the main cold- and hot-water supply pipe to the dishwashers and around the corresponding feed lines to the washing machines.

How our customer checked up on the results

  • The dishwashers do not need any extra chemical cleaning anymore because no new limescale develops on the inner walls and surfaces.
  • The limescale crusts in the washing machines started to soften. At the same time, the deposition of new limescale stopped. The washing machines never had to be cleaned chemically again.
  • After having made the first positive experiences it was decided that no more fabric softener should be used and still the laundry came out of the washing machines as soft as before.
  • Furthermore, it was observed that new towels which didn't use to become soft right after the first wash, become soft immediately now and can be used instantly instead of having to be washed at least twice before being utilized.

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