Scale in dishwasher due to hard water

Company: Vines Golf and Country Club, Novotel, Perth West Australia
Responsible: Mr Tsoutsas and Mr. Kouroglou

The west of Australia has a lot of problem with the water sources. Water is very hard and has at some places as well a lot of aggressive ingredients inside.
Next, to other problems in the water system of the club, the problem of the professional dishwasher was very pressing for the customer. The capacity of the softener was at its limit, so they have to mix softened and regular water. With the result, a lot of thick layers of scale could be found everywhere inside and outside of the dish washing tunnel. Regular cleaning with very aggressive scale removers has been necessary in order to get rid of the scale. The scaled heating coil was wasting a lot of energy and the heat up time increased in accordance with the scale on the coil. Scaled nozzles are leading to less clean dishes. PursanovaTM was installed at the feed line of the dishwasher. Only after a few days, it could be seen the existing lime scale on the coil and inner surfaces are getting soft. Also the thickness of the scale gets lesser and lesser. After 8 weeks, the dish washing tunnel was as clean at as the first day.

The Feed Line Of The Dishwasher The Feed Line Of The Dishwasher