Savings of feed water in an open cooling loop by increasing COC

Pursanova TM is able to increase the solubility of next to all soluble ingredients in water by several times. Due to this fact it is in a Pursanova TM treated cooling loop possible to have less blow down compared to an untreated loop. In average a cooling system is operated with a COC of 4 to 6. Using Pursanova DiskTM this COC can be increased to above 10, which is good for saving app. 25% feed water.

In practical words having less blow down of cooling water means there is less need of water to replace. This leads to the end of saving a lot of water and as water is not for free a lot of money.

Today most of the cooling loops are operated with a threshold for the blow down of less than 2.000 TDS. This is at least true where ample supply of good feed water is available. In dry areas of the world, where water is short and or expensive, this threshold value can be reaching 5.000 TDS. If Pursanova TM is used as green cooling water treatment, the Pursanova DiskTM take care of the entire cooling loop, including the cooling towers, the pipe network, and the connected heat exchangers or condensers, this threshold can be increased by several times, this is true even for cooling water systems where the threshold today is at 5.000 TDS. There is an experience where such loops can be operated by 10.000 or 15.000 TDS without causing any problems of fouling or scaling.