• All bodily functions improve because the cell structures are rejuvenated when a person consumes approximately half a gallon of Pursanova water daily.
  • Bodily fluids are deoxidized, made stronger, more balanced, and the bodyfs immune system is strengthened.
  • Hygiene is heightened when Pursanova water is used.
  • Cooking and rinsing with Pursanova assures that organics remain fresher for longer periods, coffee and tea taste better, food is more nutritious.
  • Pursanova water improves the environment by lessening unpleasant smells and odors.
  • Pursanova water cleans and eliminates odor in aquariums. Household pets will only drink it.
  • When applied to plants, Pursanova promotes healthier growth and assures flowering will last longer.

Installation example

Pursanova Under the Counter Water Treatment System

The above is what comes in the box. But, the shown faucet & the PN-12 are an upgrade.

The T-part that came in the box that connects to the wall valve did not work, and needed an extra part (reducer).

Before the “J’ Trap (Here where the waste water needs to go)

Insert the colored tubes by pushing in & then pull out little to make sure they are snug into each appropriate location.

Red goes to the cold main water line.

White goes to the reservoir water tank (highly recommend draining your water tank monthly).

Yellow goes to the drain.

Blue run it behind the system housing to avoid clutter & into the bottom part of the PN-12.

Blue goes under the PN-12, and then from top of PN-12 to under the drinking faucet.