The Activated Water


"As citizens of this planet, it is wiser to understand nature and see what we can learn from it before we start changing it with what we call advanced technology.” -Vatché Keuftedjian, President, and CEO

This qualified pipe is filled with special ceramics using our mineral ore technology. Pursanova water is effective in preserving the purity, freshness, fragrance, and taste of items such as food, plants, clothing, and any other products benefiting from the activated water.

Mineral Ore Technology

The lack of natural drainage systems on land causes significant erosion and destroys the productive land. A natural watercourse builds up energy as mountain streams collect trace, minerals, and nutrients from the rocks, soil, and vegetation in its path. This water contains the highest energy at night, moving in a “Cycloid spiral space-curve motion”.
Similar to what transpires in nature, Pursanova’s mineral ores activate the electrical charges of the hydrogen atom through resonate frequencies broadcast to water molecules. These resonating frequencies transmit at a particular wavelength and change the chemical structure—or bonds—of the water molecules. The mineral ores continuously resonate these frequencies, producing a buffering—or balancing—reaction to water.

Scale Removal

Pursanova’s PursaLex system creates a more powerful molecular structure, which removes even the hardest scale deposits such as calcium. Scales are loosened through osmotic pressure. Pursanova water’s energizing power helps lower surface tension and triggers a detergent-like effect throughout the entire water system.

Rust Removal

The PursaLex system produces an oxidation-reduction reaction. This process removes rust by converting iron oxide to iron ions and oxygen while producing an oxidized film (Fe304) that inhibits rust formation. Rust will grow at a rapid rate as oxidation and reduction occur at the same time, but its growth is still outpaced by the speed of Puranova water’s rust removal.

Cleansing Effects

Because of the greater surface tension of water produced by the PursaLex system, there is less need for detergents or other chemical cleansing agents.

Deodorizing Effects

Activated Pursanova water controls the formation and growth of micro-organisms. Normally, the decomposition of micro-organisms causes unpleasant odors when exposed to oxygen. The PursaLex system eliminates foul odors in industrial kitchen sinks, toilets, and swimming pools by creating a barrier between oxygen and odor causing molecules.


The PursaLex system can be used for both commercial and industrial purposes with significant benefits for any industry that uses water.

Pursanova Water’s Commercial Benefits

Pursanova water is effective in preserving purity, freshness, fragrance, and taste of fruits and vegetables. The taste of food, coffee, tea, and beverages significantly improves with Pursanova water. The PursaLex system removes build-up from sinks and inhibits the growth of odor-causing micro-organisms. Pursanova water’s extra softening effect also makes dirt and stains easier to remove from clothes. Using Pursanova water, the amount of detergent normally needed is reduced significantly. In hospitals, Pursanova water helps maintain the highest operational standards for health care facilities.

Pursanova Water’s Industrial Benefits

The PursaLex removes existing scale and totally eliminates rust. It achieves long-term heat efficiency at the desired performance level, making maintenance of heating and cooling tower equipment more economical and efficient. The PursaLex eliminates the need for traditional water softeners and chemicals that can have a corrosive effect on the life of materials that come in contact with the water, reducing equipment replacement and maintenance costs.
Pursanova also provides a longer life for boilers. Without Pursanova, water scale formation in boilers creates operational problems. The PursaLex also improves the quality of car wash operations. Pursanova water will keep the equipment in good condition, dissolving clogs that usually build in car wash nozzles.
Pursanova water reduces the need for detergent additives and returns significant savings. Using Pursanova water in printing plant operations eliminates the need for chemicals to produce cleaner water. The reduced surface tension in Pursanova water allows for a more effective combination of ink and water on paper, improving image quality while saving money on chemicals.