Protecting pumps from scaling

Hard Water  Vacuum pumps are used in the various process in the industry. For instance to transport liquids, to remove moisture from products or to maintain a vacuum in a condenser of a power plant. If the water or liquid contain calcium carbonate or other scale forming ingredients, the risk of forming scale at the pump is rather high. So most of the vacuum pumps have to be serviced very frequently, in a lot of cases every few weeks.
This cleaning requires a stop of the production, the disassembling of the pump itself, either mechanical cleaning of the scaled parts, or if the scale is difficult to remove it might even require chemical cleaning.
Hard Water  This can easily lead to several hours production stop. The chemical cleaning might in addition affect the surfaces of the pump which later on might start corroding, or the lifetime of certain parts will decrease. Seals has to be replaced, all together this is involving a lot of cost and time.
In this actual case, a big plant in China, it was agreed with the customer to select one of their many vacuum pumps for a demonstration and document the results visually by taking pictures.
The first picture was taken direct prior the installation of Pursanova TM, the second exact one month after the installation and the last picture after another month.
Hard Water  The maintenance department already has known before opening the pump after one month, there have to be improvements in the pump. The vacuum was more stable than before, and no single problem occurred.
Up until today, the pumps stay clean, and they are only opened now and then in order to check.
The customer is very happy, the vacuum pump gave them all the years of operation a lot of problems. But until today the pumps are staying clean.