Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Pursanova’s Reverse Osmosis Systems are unique, industrial grade systems designed specifically for farmers.
Pursanova’s Reverse Osmosis Systems are unique, industrial grade systems designed specifically for farmers.
Details With the help of our farmers, Pursanova designed an industrial grade system specifically for the farming industry. Our driving force and mentor on this project was renowned farmer Keith Schlapkohl. When we spoke to Keith, he suggested that “We need an RO System that is specific to farming and not one that is made for everyone.” After months of testing and development—that’s exactly what we created. Using Keith’s extensive field experience, we developed a system that is focused on the daily use and needs of a farmer.
Before we began manufacturing, there were many variables to address such as rust issues, downtime, quality, and performance. Keith encouraged us to expand our research by seeking feedback from other farmers such as Jerry & Erik Carlson, the Hostetler family, Jeff Littrell, Jeff Buresh, the Knoblock family and Jon Blomgen of JRT Focus Farms, and Agronomists Bob Streit, Michael McNeill and Amie Bandy (to name a few). Below is a sample for a 4,400 Gallon per Day (GPD) system that we created:

Reverse Osmosis System - 4,400 GPD

System production is based on the following conditions:

2,000 ppm Nacl Feed water, 77 °F / 25 °C Operating temperature and 3.0-11.0pH range. Actual feed water analysis may require special design consideration affecting final design and pricing.

Make of System:

Fully automated Tumkey Water treatment system including pre-treatment Modules and Reverse Osmosis System fully built on Power Coated Aluminum Skid with Diamond Plate Base using good industrial practices and following manufacturer's guidelines for every component.

The Reverse Osmosis System Includes the Following Features:

• 4” x 20” Big Blue Sediment Pre-Filter 05 Micron
• 4” x 20” Big Blue Carbon Block Pre-Filter 05 Micron
• Multi Stage High-Pressure Jet R/O Booster Pump with Safeguards
• Complete Panel for Easy Controls
• 5 Count stainless steel liquid-filled pressure gauges
• Permeate and concentrate flow meters
• Inlet Solenoid Valve with Bypass
• Low pressure cut off pressure wwitch
• 4” x 40” FRP Pressure or Stainless Steel Vessels
• 4” x 40” TFC Membrane Element
• System Pressure Control
• Recycle Pressure Valve
• On/Off Main Power Switch
• Tank Level Control Switch
• Powder-coated, Welded Aluminum frame with Aluminum Diamond Plate

Optional Features:

• Automatic Operating Programmable logic controller UL/CE Approved with:
o Smart Relay
o Delayed start-up of high-pressure pump
o Inlet Solenoid Valve
o Low & High Feed Pressure Switch Controls
o Supply & Delivery Pumps Controls
o R/P Storage Tank Full Pump on/off
o Auto Flush Cycle
o Pre-Treat Lockout
o TDS/Conductivity Monitor
o Temperature Monitor
o Hour Meter
• Ion Exchange Water Softener w/auto-backwash valve
• Multimedia KDF-GAC-Poly Phosphate Pre-Filter w/auto-backwash valve
• Activated Coconut Shell Pre-Filter
• Smart-on-Demand Supply Pump to increase Feed Water Pressure
• Smart-on-Demand Delivery (Distribution) Pump to Point of Use
• Ozone Generator w/Venturi Injector, Timer and Mixing Tank Stainless
• Steel Ultra Violet Disinfection Sterilizer
System Specifications
Capacity4400 GPD
% Recovery50% - 75%
% Salt Rejection98%
Design Temperature25°C
Maximum Temperature45°C
Membrane TypeTFC (Filmtec)
Pressure VesselsFRP (Code Line or Protec)

Applications Reverse Osmosis Systems
SW - Sea Water Desalination
T1 - Type 1 Water for Biopharmaceutical Applications
BW - Brackish or Ground Water Treatment & Purification Systems
TW - Tap or Municipal Water Treatment & Purification Systems


• Excellent Consistent Pure Water
• NSF Certified Components
• Low Energy consumption
• Easy & Low Maintenance Cost
• Fully Automated Operation
• Compact Design/ Mobile
• CE Compliant
• Standard Universal Components
• Individually Tested/Quality Test
• Made In U.S.A
Installation No
Call For Price Yes

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