Mode of Operation

The principle of how PursanovaTM works, namely to modify the physical properties of substances contained in water by means of specially developed oscillations, is new and hard to understand. Scientists still argue about such principles quite controversially today. Therefore, the theoretical background of this method relies on empirical research, assumptions and logical conclusions from years of work on and with this subject. This situation is similar to 19th-century experimental physics, when phenomena were discovered, then checked for reproducibility and finally, a theory was developed on the subject.
We do not claim, that our theories are entirely correct and also admit, that in some areas of these theories we have more questions than answers. Thus we ask everyone who feels qualified or just wishes to do so to contact us with his or her criticism or suggestion.

Substances Contained In Water  Here’s a quote from Albert Einstein: "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."