Lime scale water treatment

Lime or other salts are found in almost every water in their dissolved forms, in common language lime scale is responsible for hard water. Depending on the amount of lime/calcium carbonate, the dissolved carbonic acid and on the temperature of the water the minerals precipitate and start to crystallize. In other words, it deposits on surface areas. In homes, this is simply annoying in most cases, but this phenomenon can cause substantial problems for technical applications. The deposits reduce heat transfer in heat exchangers and lower the efficiency of the heating installation/cooling system quite significantly. Limescale in a hot water boilerIncreasing pressure losses and decreasing flow rates are other symptoms associated with the same problem. In many cases, the water is processed chemically in order to avoid such deposits. But often, particularly if great water quantities or very bad water are concerned, this proves to be either technically or economically impossible.

Treating lime scale in several thousands of industrial installations prove how successful and reliable Pursanova TM was applied to stabilize lime and avoid the build of limescale in pipes or machines. Experiences with water temperatures above 150°C in pressure lines or water hardness far beyond 50° DH show how powerful Pursanova TM is. After having started to use Pursanova TM, many customers don't have to use the bigger part of the chemical products used before anymore at all. Examples would be a commercial dishwasher working without salt or big cooling loops, which now have to be cleaned only once a year instead of every six weeks.