What is Activated water and why it is so important?

In nature, water is always moving, flowing, interacting and colliding with its environment and this allows it to generate and maintain an active, energized state, giving life to everything it touches. Water is able to do this because the hydrogen element in water’s natural state is active and vibrating so rapidly that, among other things, the water achieves a high electron spin exchange rate.

What does this mean?

Take as a comparison a 12 cylinder car operating with all 12 cylinders versus a 12 cylinder car with only one cylinder working. Which one is going to perform better? That one cylinder car is the water we are drinking and using today, whether purified, filtered, bottled or tap. Whereas, Pursanova restores water to its energized, natural state by activating the hydrogen in a completely natural way.

It achieves this by forcing water to collide with proprietary ceramic ores composed of minerals just like water does in nature. It may sound simple enough, but to achieve consistent desired results took many years of research and development. Most importantly, our technology can be used and implemented anywhere and transform any water source whether it’s a water bottle, your home, your farm or your manufacturing plant.

See our RESEARCH Section to learn more about combining our activation technology with our unique filtration system and disk technology for a complete and comprehensive solution.

Modern chemistry only looks at water via its chemical constituents: 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom. Therefore, it fails to understand the nature of water or the tremendous qualitative differences that can be found in water from different sources outside of their chemical makeup. Even more to the point, still, water is effectively dead water. So the study of inactive, unmoving water will yield little to no understanding of what is actually supposed to be occurring.

Pursanova’s activated water deals with the physics of water rather than the chemistry. It has been proven in lab analysis to be more anti-oxidant than any other water available. This enhances cellular communication so the body stays healthy while eliminating free radicals that damage cells and cellular functions that lead to aging and degenerative disease.

Some companies offer simple carbon filters to eliminate odor which does almost nothing to improve the water. Bottled water companies offer everything from electrolyte-enhanced water, to ionized water without understanding how water actually works. Still, others use electricity, pulses or magnets to modify the structure of water which they call alkaline or structured. But we hold fast that these latter methods yield inconsistent results and, more importantly, do not resonate with water in its naturally active, energized state. Think of it this way, do you like to be electrocuted? Well, neither does water, so running it through a machine that sends electrical shocks into it is never going to be the answer.

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Challenges Related To Water Quality

Challenges Related To Water Quality