Industrial Water Treatment

In the industry, water is not only used in the production itself but in most cases in the utilities. Means to cool or to heat processes, to get rid of surplus heat, or heat up a process for instance by using steam. As not all water sources are supplying water in a quality which can be used directly in an industrial application, the water has to be treated in various ways in order to reach the set quality requirements for the different applications where it will be used later in the process.
  The industrial water treatment, start with purification steps, such as filters to get rid of the solids in the water, and then most common today in the industrial chemicals are used to treat also the solved materials in the water. There is a long list of different kind of chemicals which can be used for such water treatment. And in most cases, not just one kind of chemical is used, but a cocktail of different chemicals is used.
When using Pursanova TM Industrial Water Treatment, it has shown, either the usage of the chemicals is optimized a lot or in some cases there is no need of any chemical water treatment anymore.
In both cases, there are big savings. Not only the cost of the chemicals itself, but also the logistics around dosing chemicals, such as purchasing, transporting, storing and servicing the dosing equipment. Further to use fewer chemicals in the water will benefit the environment.

At several customer sites, Pursanova TM has taken control of the entire water system, is managing, monitoring and controlling the industrial water treatment and is responsible for the performance of the machines and equipment which is supplied by the water.

Experience shows the achieved results are not only in a lot of cases better than before, when using Pursanova TM, very often the prices for for the water treatment are far lower then the previous methods used. Depending on the application, the water quality the ROI of the investment in Pursanova TM is in between 3 to 24 month.

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