Green and sustainable water treatment since 1996.

PURSANOVATM is dedicated to offering solutions to a wide variety of technical issues that can arise because of water usage. Our expertise covers the treatment of drinking water as well as resources used throughout the industrial sector including both heating and cooling systems.

The Pursanova DiskTM are cutting edge and are charged with specific oscillation patterns to resolve different issues. There is a pattern specifically for reducing corrosion, another for the reduction and prevention of scaling and a third for fouling and other microbiological problems. Each Disk is charged specifically to suit the problem you are faced with.

A big advantage of using a Pursanova DiskTM is that it doesn't involve any additives to the water. This means there is absolutely no change in its chemistry so there are no additional treatment requirements as a result. We coined the term "conditioning" the water to describe what our product does because of this.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying the Pursanova DiskTM to suit different issues we also provide support and engineering solutions for the industrial sector. This increases the scale of our services a great deal and means we are in the perfect position to deliver the best standards of service for our clients. When applications are extreme or complex we can provide a comprehensive solution. We can work on all aspects of cooling systems, including pipes and heat exchangers. We also have experience with desalination technology and other sophisticated systems that use water.

The engineering services we offer are not limited solely to issues pertaining to the treatment of water to tackle scaling, corrosion and biofilm problems. They are actually far broader than this, encompassing important objectives like optimising performance in terms of water and energy consumption.

One of the major areas we can bring positive change is in terms of the volume of chemical additives that are used. We are committed to helping our clients to adjust the amount of chemicals they add to raw water, producing a multitude of different benefits including cost reductions and safety improvements. The results are continuously monitored and reported to ensure the maximum savings are being made. Monitoring systems are always installed as a joint operation between PURSANOVATM Engineers and the customer to maximise the quality.