Increasing cooling of a motor by cleaning the loop

Company: Zement Chalkidas AG, Cement production Company
Responsible: Mr. Odysseas Dimitriou

Description of the problem and its negative consequences

The client uses a cooling loop for several big motors, which feed by three independent 4" inlet pipes. The scale has reduced the diameter of the pipes in that way, that on the one hand, the pumps were over there capacity and on the other hand the amount of cooling water which has reached the engines was not sufficient anymore, to ensure the necessary cooling. In addition to the problem in the pipe, it was expected, that the surfaces where the heat transfer in the motor takes place, were as well coated with scale.

Our solution

Three 4"-Pursanova TM were installed, one on each inlet pipe of the loop. In this way, it was possible to treat all the incoming water and the whole cooling loop.

In which way the customer checked the results of the trial

1. At the day of the installation, a connector of the pipe was opened. It could be seen and was as well documented, that there was a lot of limescale everywhere. After two months the same part was opened again. More than half of the scale was away. Or to say it differently, the flowing water has removed the existing lime scale and has taken it with it. Only little plates of scale were left on the pipe walls. This is very normal in such cases, where a lot of scales is in the pipes and machines. The scale is getting soft at the surface and than removed layer by layer and flushed out with the flowing water. This shows, that in only a few month a whole system, where have been before several centimeters of lime scale can be cleaned totally.
2. The client has recognized after some weeks a significant increase of the motor cooling. This leads to the conclusion, the surfaces where the heat transfer in the motors takes place where cleaned as well.