Hydro Carbon Treatment by Pursanova TM Disk

The liquid called crude produced from an oilwell, is in most cases a mixture of hydro carbons (Oil and Gas) and water. Succesfully treating this water in the crude oil have been the first steps of Pursanova TM in the Oil & Gas.

Untreated crude oil is often not only very aggressive, but it also partially contains great quantities of paraffin wax and other impurities. These ingredients behave in oil lines similar to that of lime in water. It precipitates, deposits and then has to be removed either chemically or thermally. Pursanova TM has the ability to increase the solubility of paraffin wax in the oil. That way the maintenance intervals of oil-conveying lines can be extended, the shut down periods get less resulting in an increase of the production.

Furthermore crude oil often contains aggressive substances or organics that corrode pipes and metals. Pursanova TM is able to moderate and sometimes even stop this corrosion. However, different sources of crude oil contain very different ingredients and the technical details need in-depth clarification before a statement regarding the chances of success can be made.

Separation of Gas, Oil and Water, treating emulsion, treating produced water, treating the build up of paraffin wax, reduce or stop the fouling in trunk- and flow-lines and many more solutions Pursanova TM has to offer.

To serve the Oil and Gas industry even better, Pursanova TM has established a new company Pursanova TM Oil & Gas Ltd. specifically dedicated to this industry.

A special group of engineers is dedicated to solve above described problems world wide.