Function Pursanova Disk


PursanovaTM has succeeded in measuring and storing the molecular oscillations of for instance rust and lime. Starting from these natural oscillations Pursanova TM develops new active oscillations. The active oscillations are stored on a carrier material, which is capable of constantly emitting these oscillations into the water. This occurs without any external energy addition, only energy supplied by environmental warmth is used. The water accepts / absorbs these oscillations and spreads them in the direction of its flow. The oscillations spread through the entire succeeding water column faster than the actual flow velocity of the water. That's the reason why this method also works well in lines of piping which are seldom or never used. In the water the active oscillations interfere with the natural oscillations and alter the characteristics of substances.
The result: The physical properties of substances contained in water (or other liquids) are modified. For example in the case of rust oxygen no longer recognizes trivalent iron as such and hence no new rust is formed.