Cleaning rust in a fire fighting system

Company:Kosmas Thomoglou AG, dyeing and textile industry

Description of the problem and its negative consequences
This is a typical case, where the client didn't know the problem from the beginning, or he knows the problem, but there is no reasonable solution for the problem. The firefighting system covers the whole production area. All the water in the system stays under pressure so in case, of a fire there is enough water to fight the fire. During services where some valves were opened, it could be seen that there was certain corrosion in the pipes. This leads to the risk, that in the case of fire, the solved rust will clog the spray nozzles of the system and not provide enough water to flow.

Our solution
One 3"Pursanova TM was installed at the feeding pipe of the fire fighting system, before the regular valve and the pumps. The Target of the trail was to remove the existing corrosion and prevent the system from further corrosion, by flushing out the rust.
Life Saver  Directly after the installation, a sample was taken at a shut-off valve as far as possible away from the inlet. This was done with slow velocity, so the water was mainly clear. Some days later a second sample was taken at the same place and under the same condition. This time the water was dark brown. In the sampling bucket, after a short time, there was a thin layer of rusty particles seen. The client wouldn't believe how much rust was in the system and how an aluminum ring, several dozen meters away, could solve all the rust in this short time. The system was cleaned by flushing water on several points in the system until it was cleaned.
This was done four times until no more brown water came out. Currently, this is a very common application which we have done a lot of times. It has shown that this test is one of the most astonishing and fastest ways to show the client how efficient the Pursanova TM technology is working.