Fire fighting sprinkler systems

Standing Water  Fire department regulations prescribe the use of sprinkler systems in large rooms or for installations at risk. Such sprinkler systems are intended to extinguish a fire as early as its incipient stage. The system is generally a separate pipe system installed on the ceiling of the rooms. Ceiling sprinklers which emit water in the event of a fire are located at certain intervals.
There are various systems. The most widespread system is the wet-pipe sprinkler system made out of carbon steel, which is constantly filled with water and which is at very high pressure.
Hopefully, there will always be water in these pipe systems, apart from when testing and when carrying out servicing work. This standing water frequently leads to major corrosion in the pipe system. In the case of major corrosion, there is a risk of a great deal of rust being detached if the sprinkler system trips, thus clogging the sprinkler nozzles.
Pursanova TM is used by many customers successfully in such applications. One phenomenon which is particularly important in this case is that Pursanova TM works even when no water is flowing.
The corrosion generally disappears after only a few weeks and the pipes are provided with a protective coating. And it is very simple done, after the installation there is water flushed out, and checked the colour. Once the water is clean, the frequency of flushing can be reduced. See a case study about a fire fighting system.