Energy saving steam boiler - less downtime

Company:MPOB Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About the customer
The Malaysian Palm Oil Board is a national organization of the government of Malaysia to support and promote Palm Oil plantation and usage of palm oil products. The palm oil is used locally for cooking and the food industry is using in their products. They have centers of excellence, where they are testing new technology with the goal to recommend this technology to the palm oil plantation and the palm oil mills. Malaysia is technology leader if it comes to palm oil and has plantation over the whole country. Lately, as the fitting land is getting less, the industry expands their activities as well towards Indonesia.  

In each mill, there is a steam boiler with 20m3 or 40m3/hr. They steam is used in the power generation and in the refining process of the palm fruits or seeds. This steam is used to cook the seeds to separate the wanted seed from the unwanted surrounding cover. Such Palm Oil mills are located all over the country, a lot of them in very remote areas.

The Problem
Different kind of water is used as source for the steam boiler feed water. There is surface water, water from reservoirs or ground water. Despite the treatment with chemicals to avoid mainly scaling and corrosion, in most of these steam boilers incrustations can be found and corrosion is never brought really fully under control. Especially the incrustations are a head ache for the users, as these incrustations interfere with the heat transfer.

  The solution
Pursanova TM got the chance to do a case study together with the MPOB in one palm oil mill in order to see if and how the Pursanova TM are able to improve the water quality used in their steam boilers and of course to see if there are any savings possible. The study was planned for 12 months and was regularly checked by MPOB. We installed at feed line of the steam boiler just one 4 Inch Pursanova TMDisk. The customer didn't stop his chemical treatment.
The result and findings
Over the 12 month trial, the customer tried to optimize the usage of the chemicals he used to add to the feed water.
And it was found the five different type of chemicals used could be reduced in between 15 and 55%. This alone lead to big savings. Further, it was observed there was far less scale and corrosion in the steam boiler.And the annual cleaning could be performed far easier, faster and with less manpower as the incrustations have been found very soft compared to the before experience. Further the customer concluded, due to fewer deposits on the boiler tubes and in the heat drum, the heat transfer could be far more efficient than before. see as well the certificate from the customer.