Water Quality Concerns


We are providing a solution to all your water quality concerns. With our Pursanova DiskTM, we are providing water treatment against limescale, corrosion, and biofilm in pipes and systems without chemicals or much effort. The limescale inside the pipes are flushed with the water and this process doesn't require chemical additives in the water and no additional energy source is necessary. Since it's not using the chemicals there are no side effects and ideal for drinking.


A cooling tower is a heat rejection device, which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Cooling towers are the point where the classical chemical treatment takes place in order to reduce the water's temperature. Our Pursanova DiskTM Technology, make use of chemicals more efficient and reduce the amount needed. The major problems faced by the customers using cooling water systems are Corrosion, fouling, scaling, and deposits, as well as algae and the resulting biofouling, all these cause high maintenance costs and might cause emergency shutdowns. The traditional way of solving this problem is to use one special chemical. There are also few cooling systems where a cocktail of six different chemicals where added. The chemicals have to be continuously purchased, the equipment serviced, which all adds up to the cost. Water Quality Concerns


Water Quality Concerns Biofouling and biofilm is a term referring to biomass in water or water systems. Biofouling and microbial influenced corrosion are mediated by micro-organisms attached to the metal surface or embedded in the biofilm. If the water contains organic substances or water is contaminated in an open cooling loop, the biomass will enter the pipe system and multiply in the water. This growth is the so-called biofouling. Biofouling leads to the formation of biofilm. The biofilm gets visible as greenish or brownish spots or coating at the pipe walls. Biofouling affects a range of systems and parts over many industries, from piping and cooling towers to power plants and other instruments exposed to water. If not treated, the organic substances in the water form a gelatinous slime, the biofilm. And over time the whole water system can be contaminated or the biofilm is sealing the pipe wall itself and it starts to corrode. The result can be blocked pipes and machines. When installing Pursanova DiskTM against biofouling, we can get rid of biofilm or reduce its impact on the system to a minimum. Even without adding chemicals to the water the results after installing Pursanova DiskTM is stable and satisfying.


Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. Hard water is not a health issue. The more calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water, the harder the water becomes. Hard water is safe to drink and wash with, but over time it can lead to inconvenient, embarrassing and costly problems for pipes, engines, and machines it can be necessary to soften the water to avoid incrustations. Pursanova DiskTM allows the lime scale stay solved in the water and it doesn’t settle in the pipes and systems. Which means the hardness of the water stays the same. Whereas the effect is similar to this of water softeners. Lower maintenance costs and easy installation are the added advantage compared to the ion exchangers etc. Water Quality Concerns


Water Quality Concerns A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between two or more fluids. There are different parameters, which are responsible for the build-up of deposits in a heat exchanger. They have a significant impact on the cycles for heat exchanger cleaning. We focus on is the solubility of foreign substances in the water flow through the heating bundle. Depending on the size of the heat exchanger system, we install one or more of our Pursanova DiskTM at the inlet pipes for better performance in critical applications. In effect of the installation of Pursanova DiskTM, foreign substances in the water won't settle but are transported through the heating exchanger without forming deposits. Hence the result is clean heat exchangers without any block issues.


A boiler is an enclosed vessel that provides a means for combustion and transfers heat to water until it becomes hot water or steam. The boilers tend to have problems with limescale and start to corrode after some years. When you install Pursanova DiskTM at the water inlet, lime scale and rust is solved in the water and can’t settle anymore. Water Quality Concerns


Water Quality Concerns Reverse Osmosis is most commonly known for its use in drinking water purification from seawater, removing the salt and other substances from the water molecules. Reverse osmosis is a filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution. After the installation, of the Pursanova DiskTM, the monitoring showed that the production volume has decreased. Even after one year, no fouling at RO treated with Pursanova DiskTM. The membrane has only to be replaced once a year, and no chemicals were added anymore, also energy savings were achieved, as the pumps don’t need full power anymore due to the clean system.


Limescale deposits build up on any surfaces that hard water is in contact with and can accumulate quickly and are found in their dissolved form in almost every water. The most common areas you can expect to find limescale are your toilet, bathroom taps, tile, and sink, inside your shower, and of course your bathroom pipes. To avoid such problems, water is treated or conditioned. The traditional way to fight limescale is to use a water softener or other chemical ways to condition the water. But such treatment is expensive and not much useful. Pursanova DiskTM keeps limescale under control and there is no leaking due to corrosion in the pipe network. Water Quality Concerns


Water Quality Concerns It is commonly known that dissolved gases such as CO2 and O2 can oxidize and destroy metal piping and system components. There are several factors that assist and accelerate the process of rusting and corrosion. The advantage of installing Pursanova DiskTM in the pipe system can prevent corrosion and rust of pipes and in some weeks rust and corrosion are stopped.


Pursanova DiskTM is an economical solution to cleaner swimming pools, ponds, fountains, lakes, aquariums and fishery. Significant reduction in the release of chlorine gas from chlorinated water was observed after installing Pursanova DiskTM in pools water inlet. Water quality maintenance is one of the greatest daily challenges in swimming pool operations. Fountains need a lot of feeding water because they lose huge amounts of water due to evaporation. Where water evaporates limescale is left behind and eventually settles. Regular cleaning and chemical water treatment can be very costly to keep the water fountain clean. Depending on design and size, we may install one or two Pursanova DiskTM to the water inlet of the fountains. The algae growth was reduced and the limescale around the granite became loose. The most part of limescale in algae is removed out with the water and the effect is visible in the water fountain. Water Quality Concerns


Water Quality Concerns Corrosion and microbiological problems in the water storage tank can cause affect the quality of water you provide. After installing Pursanova DiskTM, color and the turbidity of the water got back to normal. The amount of microorganism in the water stabilized and the quality of water was drastically improved.


Wastewater comes from a variety of sources. Everything that you flush down your toilet or rinse down the drain is wastewater. Rainwater and runoff, along with various pollutants, go down street gutters and eventually end up at a wastewater treatment facility. Wastewater contains a high amount of limescale and it is settled in the pipe and their diameter decreased. After installing Pursanova DiskTM into the pipe the pipe was clean and the deposits had vanished. Additionally, there were no areas with corrosion anymore. Water Quality Concerns


Water Quality Concerns The Pursanova DiskTM is an environmentally friendly alternative to emergency shutdowns, extensive cleaning efforts, treating the technical water, drinking or sea water. Protecting water systems on ships and oil platforms with the Pursanova DiskTM is particularly useful. The common problems occur in different areas on a vessel are corrosion in pipes, scaling and fouling are observed where mainly sea water is used, and the growth of mussels and barnacles in pipes and machines. The marine sector is one of our most growing markets. The reason for this, the water treatment after the installation can be cost-effective, effortless and this reduces space, weight, and costs. The Pursanova DiskTM is specialized in treating sea water, where we face special challenges, such as the marine growth of all kind.


Activate your water with Pursanova DiskTM for energized water for increased yields. PursanovaTM recharges your water and activates its physical and biological properties. Activated Pursanova water controls the formation and growth of micro-organisms. It eliminates foul odors in Livestock farms, by creating a barrier between oxygen and odor-causing molecules. When Pursanova DiskTM is installed pure activated water is made improved livestock meat quality and antibiotic usage on animals significantly decreased. Pursanova DiskTM also can be used in fisheries as to eliminate Streptococcus in fish and the smell in fish processing plants decreases and fish oil adhesions are removed. Water Quality Concerns


Water Quality Concerns Sprinkler system is generally a separate pipe system installed on the ceiling of the rooms. The most widespread system is the wet-pipe sprinkler system made out of carbon steel, which is constantly filled with water and which is at very high pressure. This can lead to major corrosion in the pipe system. If the sprinkler system affected with corrosion clogging takes place in sprinkler nozzles. Pursanova DiskTM works even when no water is flowing and generally prevents corrosion of pipes.


A closed-loop system is just as susceptible to malfunction as an open system. Undiagnosed leaks permit air to enter the system, allowing for corrosion and bacteria to begin contaminating the cooling water. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion is a leading cause of closed loop leakage. This occurs when bacteria colonize and begins to feed on the system’s iron surfaces. Our Pursanova DiskTM technology is a highly effective solution for preventing microbiologically influenced corrosion. The iron deposits are flushed away with the water without any chemical cleaning and much effort. Water Quality Concerns

Pursanova DiskTM, installed at a fish farm in Lowa.

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