Dishwasher at home or professional dishwasher tunnels

Dish Washers In areas with very hard water, which is used untreated in the dishwasher, there are found scale deposits at the inner surface of these, if appropriate measures are not taken. There is a small container for adding salt in these machines, in order to soften the water. Professional machines are normally using treated water, but still there are found a lot of private used or professional used machines, where there inner surfaces are dull, and where you can find spots of lime scale build up inside, This happens mostly in parts where there is less flow.
The only chance to get rid of these, is to clean the machine manually now and than using aggressive chemicals.
Pursanova DiskTM maintains the calcium carbonate solved in the water, resulting in far less scale or no scale at all is precipitated and deposited in these machines. This results in savings in detergent of up to 50 % in dish washers and it is frequently possible to do without descaling additives entirely. We have customer running the dishwasher without the use of regeneration salt entirely since years, without any scaling in the machine, or less good results in the dish washing.
See as well the case study in a professional dishwasher tunnel of big hotel in Australia.

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