Corrosion in copper pipes

  Nowadays, copper pipes are fitted at many home installations, as well cooper is used as plates in welded or special heat exchangers. Until just a while ago, copper pipes were considered to be the absolutely best water pipes. Copper pipes afford the advantage that they feature smooth inside surfaces, offering the scale a far smaller area of attack than iron pipes for instance.

This results in far less encrustations in these pipes. However, copper pipes are not immune to corrosion either. Copper oxide may form, which can in bad cases lead to leaking of the pipes. The corrosion is causing the pipes to emit copper oxide which, in large quantities, may even endanger health. Under unfavorable water conditions, this may even lead to greenish, discolored water.

Under normal conditions, Pursanova TM is capable of counteracting such corrosion processes. Especially if the water used in the pipes is too soft, and therefor cause the corrosion. And Pursanova TM stops and reversing the build-up of scale.