Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling towers are used to cool down water by using air. This involves a process of admitting water into the top of the cooling tower. It then flows downwards where it is collected and fed back into the cooling system. Water evaporates during this process. This evaporation ensures additional cooling, based on the principle of evaporation chill. Very often cooling towers show problems of scaling or algae growth, even in the case when the water is chemically treated.
Pursanova DiskTM is used very successfully in cooling towers, from small dedicated ones that only cooling down one single machine, up to batteries of several cooling towers, which are used for cooling big industrial complexes or power plants. Keeping the calcium carbonate concentration levels lower in water, causes a substantial drop in scaling in the cooling tower. The PursanovaTM BIO Diskss are able to slow down the growth of algae significantly, especially if warmer environments are a big problem. If they are not taken care of properly this might lead direct to Biofouling of the whole cooling loop. The growth of the algae will slow down, turn brown and will be found in the pump sump.
Pursanova DiskTM are used today as the only cooling water treatment. Pursanova DiskTM has many applications where less chemicals or even no chemicals are used to make up the cooling water. These cooling towers and the connected heat exchangers are not fouling anymore, corrosion is brought to a stop or to a very low level. There are only very few algae found, mainly at parts of the cooling tower where there is no constant flow of water. This algae are not causing any problems anymore.