Cleaning scale and algae in a fountain and saving a lot of effort

Company:City of Berlin, Germany

In water fountains, there are high amounts of water evaporating. This water has to be replaced either by drinking water or water from a bore well. Depending on the design of the fountain, there could be found along the evaporating line or over the whole fountain a lot of scale forming, which gives an ugly appearance. In addition, it is very common, to find in such fountains a lot of algae. Despite the addition of chemicals to the water, the cleaning of the fountain is hard and time-consuming. High-pressure cleaners and strong chemicals have to be used, in order to get the fountain clean again. Especially older fountains with artwork, the cleaning is very expensive, with a total cost of sometimes 10.000 EUR and more per year.
Depending on the size and the complexity of the fountain, one or several special Pursanova TM Bio Disks, have been installed in the circulation pipe of the fountain. At the same time the adding of any chemicals, against scaling or algae was stopped.
  Depending on the design of the fountain, the results could be seen very soon. One fountain, containing three shells(the water falls from one level to the next) showed the scale is removed from the red granite by itself. All surfaces where there is a constant flow of water have become clean again without any means of cleaning.
Depending on the location of the fountain, a lot of biomass from outside (pollen) is brought in the water, these accelerate the growing of the algae. The new growing of algae could therefore not totally be stopped, but the few algae are only lasting a few days, get brown and fall to the bottom of the fountain.
The effect could be seen best during the cleaning of the fountains. Most of the scale and algae have been flushed out during the draining of the fountain or just with the help of some water from a hose. The required time for cleaning such a fountain is now less than half as it was before. The costs for the chemicals, the logistics of supplying the chemicals to the fountains and the technical service of the dosing systems could be totally saved.