Water treatment - biological water pollution

When talking about microbiological pollution of water, a distinction needs to be drawn between drinking water and technical water.

In Europe drinking water which is supplied by public providers usually, adheres to the legal limit values for microbiological pollution meaning it is virtually free of microbiological pollution. But in huge and complex systems it can happen, that bacteria like for example Legionella are to be found which spread from areas with little water flow. In the worst case, this Legionella can cause very dangerous diseases. Hence health authorities are instructed to monitor this pollution in public buildings and to mandate measures against it if necessary.Biofouling in cooling water

Biofilm, biofouling, and growth of algae can occur in technical water, especially in open cooling systems. Microorganisms spawn in water and form a so-called biofilm on pipes and machines. This film affects heat transfer or may even clog entire systems. Most of the time chemical additives have little success in solving this problem or cost an awful lot of money.

v is used in a lot of projects fighting algae in cooling system and the from these algae often caused biofilm. Thus projects involving biofilm in cooling systems, the growth of algae in fountains and cooling towers or Legionella in drinking water installations have been completed successfully.
Most of the time such projects are long-winded, it often takes a year or more until a system is freed from such growth entirely. These applications are very complex and sensitive; they need extremely accurate planning and implementation. In most of the cases, chemical treatment fighting bio growth was not needed anymore.Which is leading to big savings in rather short time. Customer tells the ROI is normally less than 3 month. We are glad to provide results.