Algae growth in water systems

  Algae are organisms which propagate under certain conditions, generally in stagnant water. In ponds, for instance, algae under unfavorable conditions, may multiply to such an extent that other plants and animals are ousted. Algae also occur to an increasing extent in seawater or brackish water, this frequently also being attributable to over fertilization. The major technical application for PursanovaTM is the algae treatment in cooling loops or cooling towers . In warmer areas of the world it is rather drastic, and a cooling tower can be very fast full of algae. Once this has happened it is very likely the algae are spread in the loop as well and start to form the feared biofouling in pipes and machines,
which might lead in the end to MIC.
Pursanova TM Disk is useful for this purpose in a specially developed Bio Disk, in most cases with great success. In a lot of cases the need for adding biocide to the cooling water has been reduced drastically or even stopped entirely. There are numerous applications, in cooling towers, swimming pools, fountains, cooling loops, lakes and ponds.

Another issue Pursanova TM is discussing now are large-scale trials, such as in rivers or big lakes. Here we are searching for partners, to do a trail project in order to gather more data. In the case of open water, the advantage for the environment would be tremendous. Too much algae are reducing the oxygen in the water, which affects the marine life.