About Us

Welcome To Pursanova

Inspired by nature, our process of applying ceramic mineral ores to our products improves the physical and biological properties of water. At our core, the key to our success is Liquid Conversion Technology (LCT), a process that radically activates and energizes liquids utilizing indigenous mineral ores. Pursanova’s mineral ores energize and activate colliding water molecules to provide you with quality water.

Pursanova was born out of our concerns for water quality and scarcity worldwide. After teaming up with scientists in Japan and Germany to find a solution, we established a company dedicated to enhancing water’s natural benefits with natural approaches such as minerals ores.

Our products are widely used for personal, commercial, and industrial purposes. You can find us on restaurants, spas, farms—anywhere water is essential. With Pursanova, you can celebrate all that water has to offer the way nature intended it to be: energized, activated, and pure.

Vatché Keuftedjian
President and Chief Executive Officer