Water is consumed at many points in hotels. Besides the bathroom in the rooms and the applications in the kitchen, many hotels have a swimming pool or a Spa. Rust and scale pose a problem at many points in such installations, as well the microbiological quality of the water comes more and more in the focus of our customers.
Drinking Water  PursanovaTM is used in well over 100 hotels and catering establishments. We are proud to count to our customers a lot of international well known Hotel groups, such as Four Seasons, Le Meridien, Maritime, Marriott, Novotel, Oberoi, Renecaissance, Ritz Carlton,Sofitel, to tell only some of them. Additional there are a lot more of local known Hotels and smaller places around the world.

In all this Hotels, it has been clearly shown that PursanovaTMDisk , besides rehabilitating the piping, also achieves substantial savings when cleaning the rooms. Cleaning is faster and far less chemical cleaning agents need to be used owing to the reduced scaling on the shower cubicles, valves and fittings and owing to the changed consistency of the scale.
This not only saves money directly for chemicals but also prolongs the service life of valves, fittings and shower heads. The prescence of microorganisam, if any has lowered far below the minimum required values of the health authorites.